Ensuring all children have the opportunity to succeed by giving parents more choices to accommodate their individual learning needs. 

America currently ranks 51st in the world on literacy and in 2018 placed 11th out of 79 countries in science. In math we ranked even worse at 30th.  

What is happening? America is the greatest nation in the world yet our children are behind in education. It’s clear the current system isn’t working and change needs to happen. Education needs to be viewed as an economy. If students can choose their university why not their K-12?

Support for school choice is surging, and will ultimately transform America’s educational system. Across party lines an AFC poll done in 2022 found 72% of voters support school choice. Parents want more options for their children and will always make their selections based on trust and what aligns with their values.

Parents who exercise school choice frequently list school safety as one of their primary reasons for doing so. School choice also provides additional options for lower-income families, increases accountability, improves graduation rates, and gives students an education tailored to their individual needs. Having choice will put competitive pressure on all schools.  Research has shown that public school student performance in both Florida and Milwaukee improved after the launch of new school choice opportunities. 

Educational savings accounts, scholarship tax credits, individual tuition tax credits, and student vouchers are all proven ways of increasing access to better educational experiences. Contrary to the myths created by naysayers, school choice has shown to improve academic performance, reduce racial disparities and save taxpayers’ money.