Economic Opportunity

Viante believes that the key to unlocking economic opportunity is to reduce barriers that prevent people from creating, investing, or receiving a good education.

Our Chairman, Dale Armstrong, built his company TLC on this principle:

I’ve spent 36 years building a company focused on people. We take young people and train them — on life skills, and technical skills — and watch peoples’ lives change.

Every American should be encouraged and educated on how to achieve a high level of personal fulfillment.

The greatest asset in any economy is people.

That’s why we focus on eliminating roadblocks — such as lack of education, training, and investment — that prevent individuals from earning higher wages or starting their own business.

Americans can only consume (spend money) after they make it first.

The more money we make, the more we have to spend and invest.

Viante seeks to transform the “economic consensus” into one that best empowers us to pursue our individual talents, to ensure maximum opportunity for success.