Better Schools. Safer Neighborhoods. More Economic Opportunity.



Better Schools.
Safer Neighborhoods.
More Economic Opportunity.

Viante was founded in 2017 to promote these eternal values — which transcend party lines — but impact the lives of all families, every day.

This year, we have taken our campaign national.

The status quo of rising crime, failing school systems, and inadequate economic performance is simply unacceptable.

We believe America’s future will be better than this — and are determined to make it happen.

Children in classroom


Ensuring all children have the opportunity to succeed by giving parents more choices to accommodate their individual learning needs. 

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Restoring our cities to their former glory and keeping neighborhoods safe for families. 

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Economic Opportunity

Empowering Americans to pursue their dreams by reducing barriers and recognizing people as the economy’s greatest asset. 

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Transparency & Accountability

Improve decision-making, reduce corruption, and increase accountability for how taxpayer money is spent. 

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