by Sarah Jane Allen

Excerpt from the Albuquerque Journal:

It sounds like an episode of “The Twilight Zone.” The governor of New Mexico, a major oil-and-gas producing state, announces in Dubai, a major oil-and-gas producing country, a series of new regulations to decimate America’s domestic energy production.

Foreign dignitaries applaud — one wonders why.

Since 2021, more than 150 countries have pledged to reduce their methane emissions by 30% — with very few revealing how they plan to do so. Nations are demonstrably in violation of their commitments made under the Paris Climate Accord, though environmental alarmists still insist that America adheres to its commitments — and much, much more.

Lujan Grisham has perpetuated a wrong and dangerous myth that her methane regulations have done no harm to the state of New Mexico. Independent Petroleum Producers of America and Independent Petroleum Producers of New Mexico, which represent small and independent oil companies, warned that implementing these methane rules nationwide will shut down 300,000 of the nation’s 750,000 low-production wells, which remain critical for America’s energy supply.

In New Mexico, Gov. Lujan Grisham’s regulations have jeopardized an estimated 31,000 wells, leaving their future uncertain and potentially dependent on the outcome of ongoing legal challenges.