by Sarah Jane Allen and Jon Decker

Excerpt from The Economic Standard:

Congress has turned the governing process upside down by increasingly punting regulatory decision-making over to the various federal agencies under the executive branch. This backwards process enables unelected bureaucrats to inflict debilitating economic costs on our families without giving the rest of us any say in the matter.

This process has led to a number of recent horror stories such as the federal mask and vaccine mandates, multiple illegal attempts to bailout federal student loans, Biden’s efforts to reinstated net neutrality Internet regulations (leaving us on the hook for a potentially massive new broadband tax), and the FTC declaring open season on America’s most successful businesses.

Given the significant overreach of federal agencies, especially since the pandemic — is it too much to ask that our elected representatives actually vote on regulations that impact our lives?

Apparently so, as the amendment failed when put up for a vote 51-46. The results were unfortunate, but thanks to Senator Lee, we now know which members of the Senate believe regulations should be enacted by Congress, and which believe laws should be enacted by a president’s hand picked bureaucrats.


This certainly illustrates a divided Congress — but more troubling — the divide is over what their basic responsibilities are towards governing.

Photo Credit: Martin Falbisoner